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Our Services

In actively promoting business investment in Malawi, MITC provides a range of services, which include:
  1. Project Appraisal: Scientifically analyzing prospective project viability in financial, cost-benefit, social and environmental terms.
  2. Site Identification and Evaluation: Under the auspices of the Lands Specialist within the One Stop Service Centre, MITC is responsible for undertaking the coordination, pre-planning and evaluation of sites and post site visits
  3. Business Permits: Under the auspices of the Immigration Specialist within the One Stop Service Centre, MITC is responsible for processing Business Residence Permits and Temporary Employment Permits applications and approvals
  4. Joint Venture Facilitation: Sourcing of joint venture partners, domestic and foreign for both Malawian and international companies
  5. General Business Advice: Providing wide range investment advice regarding locations, business conditions, labour practices and business services

Who We Are

Our Mandate
Malawi Investment and Trade Centre is a trade and inward investment promotion agency, established to promote exports from Malawi and productive investment into Malawi. MITC operates as a One-Stop Service Centre for business start-ups as mandated by the Investment and Export Promotion Act of 2012. The Centre provides specialized support to investors in all prioritized sectors for industrializing Malawi; and also promotes and facilitate export products and services of Malawi.
Our Vision
Malawi attains sustainable and transformative economic growth, and creates wealth through well targeted investment and trade
Our Mission
MITC exists to promote and develop Malawian exports, to attract and nurture foreign and domestic direct investment, and to lobby for a conducive business climate in Malawi
  1. Business Retention and After Care services: Facilitating local and foreign business retention, expansion and aftercare services
  2. Incentives: Marketing of national investors’ and exporters’ incentives
  3. Inward and outward investment promotion missions: Hosting and coordinating inbound foreign and local business delegations and undertaking outbound missions promoting Malawi as an ideal investment and trade destination
  4. Project Profiling: Profiling local project-based investment opportunities through local and international exhibitions, seminars and conferences